Q: I have a stable internet connection, will I have buffer / freeze? It does not matter if you have a 50/100/200 Mbps connection because this speed is internal to your ISP at your home. You do not know what the external speed is. This will also affect your ISP connection during peak hours (too many users using the same ISP in your neighborhood is a big problem as all will be on the same line.) Before contacting us, check the following:

A: If you have buffers on 1-2 channels, you can contact us so that we check if it's more than 2 channels, then it's an internet / device issue Shut down the modem / router and check again if your device is not a Magbox, check the link on the PC using VLC with a wired connection If the problem persists, call your ISP to perform a hard reset of the modem If you still have problems that the IPTV is not for you. IPTV does not work like Youtube / Netlfix, if the connection drops by 0.1%, you will have buffer. It must be stable at all times. If you are a new customer, first try 1 month

Q: What is the best device to watch IPTV?

A: The best device is a Magbox and android box, it's the official box for iptv. All other devices / applications come from third parties - we are not responsible for their performance

Q: Can I use the M3U link on more than one device?

A: Yes, you can, but not at the same time

Q: If I buy a subscription for Magbox, can I use the sub on other devices?

A: The subscription for Magbox should only be used on this current Magbox

Q: Can I change my link to another device during the active subscription?

A: Yes, you can, and this is done for free

Q: Do you offer a free test?

A: We do not offer any tests, the reason being that most users request a test and do not even use it. Try 1 month

Q: Do you want to guarantee that all channels will work?

A: Although the best attempt will be made to maintain the best possible service, some may be unavailable due to technical or maintenance issues. Some channels will not work. In addition, the programming of the chain can be modified / modified without notice

Q: Can I use this service anywhere in the world?

A: This service is available worldwide except China, Turkey and all Arab countries

Q: Can I use VPN / Proxy when I watch IPTV?

A: Yes, you can use a VPN as long as customers do not change countries too often. Keep in mind that Internet speed will be reduced by using VPN

Q: If I use the service badly, will the link be open again?

A: No, the link will remain closed and no refund will be granted

Q: Where can I find instructions on how to install?

R: For instructions -

Q: Can I request a refund?

A: No refund is given. Try 1 month to see if you like the service. If a dispute or refund is opened, we will block the IP address + the email verified by Paypal. We also send details to ALL other IPTV service providers

Q: What kind of payment do you accept?

A: We accept Interact e-mail transfer (emt) and All major credit cards and prepaid / gifts